everybody dies in their nightmares.


My oldest sister will getting married soon.

Genuinely, I don't know whether I have to feel content -because my sister already met someone that she will spend her entire life- or dismal -because I will lose someone who is indeed valuable in my life.

This sister, gap between us is 8 years. Thus, when I about to learn A B C, she already knew the existence of integers. When I just knew that sublimation is a process from gas to solid, she already knew about the chemistry is divided by two- organic & inorganic compound. When I realized that we can add x to y, she already knew everything about what I just knew. The gap between us spread us apart yet we still have each other's back. What I meant is, when I still young -do not have problems to share- she cared me like a little child and I back then demanded almost everything.(Probably a common behavior of child) She bought me this and that, pinky & girly barbie stuffs. She granted my inane wish- decorating our room or perhaps making western or korean foods.

When I get older, exactly can comprehend someone and be a good listener, I started share anything with her- our cherished, aspiration, notion, struggle, conflict or in one word, life. We love chattering about our life as we also can grab the opportunity to get to know each other. After the exam, I get to stay with her for a few months at home since both of us waiting for our result. Me- spm's result while her-work result. We took the chance by having a great long night conversation & she told me everything, from her first crush until her sickness of pursuing her ambition. That moment, I feel like it was the first day I know who truly she was. Ya, our gap being a shield to our closeness but I am grateful despite that I still have time to feel this blissful.


She taught me almost everything with her own style. I'm not really sure and don't like to concede that she's so fascinating. She has positive vibes around her and that what made me adore her. She can drive you batty with her pontianak laugh. I also hate to say this but she almost good at everything. This made me thinking that the first child can be anything she/he wants to. My sister can bake even sometimes the cake taste like cookies. She also can draw, decorate and can cogently making decision. How impressing.

She's a dentist. My parents' glory. Whenever I tell people about her job, people will get impressed. (perhaps) "Doktor....." She also got scholarship for her studies. Her result was beyond my imagination, 11A's in spm. 9A's in pmr. 5A's in upsr. In other words, straight A for all examinations she sat. Her brain, I don't know how it functions since mine ya.

In just a few days, she will get married. Last night probably be the last night we had conversation about life- her afterlife- I mean her new life. She told me her feelings and what if what if.

The person that we want his/her stay by our side along our life will leave, someday. Made me thinking and feel like we have to make a good memories with that person. Even they will forget the other day, It's okay. Life once. Whatever situation happened once in our lifetime. Cherish every moment. And me also will embrace everything even the petty one I treasured with the people around me who bring me into different perception about life. Because the next day, it wouldn't be the same, or am I overly sentimental?

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