everybody dies in their nightmares.


Everyone has their own hardships that they have to surmount. Yet my friends. If you look at them, you won't see anything. But, if you look deeply in their eyes, you can see almost everything.

This group of friends that I have, not from an affluent family. Money is a huge problem. They truly struggle to find that piece of shit. Despite the struggle they had to go through, they still laugh and cheer everyone around them. How fascinating.

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Let me introduce some of my friends' financial predicament.

This friend- Her mom suffered from a cancer long time ago. At 12, she has lost the most valuable person in her life. Her dad is a self-employed and was married another woman to complete his life after losing the loved ones. She has no problems with her stepmother but feel like a little bit awkward. We had spent almost entire time together at that school and I never see her parents visit her. Only her uncle/aunty. When she desperately want something, I know she will starved herself.

This friend- She is the oldest. Her mom was suffering from an ailment- idk what kind of ailment is it- and was commuting from home to the hospital for the treatment. She has to work by herself to find some money for her university's necessities and her own longing.

This friend- Her parents divorced and her father nowhere to be found. She has to work by herself to pursue her study. A distinguished student with her straight A's SPM, 4 flat every semester. Almost good at everything. She was attempting to get the scholarship back then. Practically almost all scholarship's interview she has went and none of them were her sustenance. But then, the last one. She made it. With the scholarship she got, I know she saving strenuously. Forgetting what her stomach saying.

Pain is extricable thread in the fabric of life and to tear it out is not impossible, but destructive. Many people saying that, money cannot bring contentment or satisfaction meanwhile for some people-money not only bring enjoyment but also can solve almost everything. Every single second in our lives need this piece of paper. To light on- to switch on the fan- wearing a shirt. We can possess all of these by money.

So, how come people can say this [   $   ] are not so paramount in one's lives?

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