Assalamualaikum and greetings to all.

I hug my mom tightly and I feel like I don't want to lose it. Maybe mom also feel the same towards me. My heart was broken when I see her eyes watery. I don't want to let go that hand. I just wanna hold it until forever.

I remember all the things that she said but I just don't do it accordingly how she want. Probably most of the children do the same thing.

One thing that she said to me before I go here,
"Don't cry over useless man, live your life & I hate people who hurt you." 

I'm so touched.
And whenever I thinking about it, I really can't hold my tears. I just let it flow.

When we get older, we used to meet a lot of people with different kind of attitude. How can we survive and handle when we meet a person that give us bad memories and also turn us into something that we don't have any idea about it. People used to say, "Just forget about it la." The fact is it's impossible to forget even if we say we've forgotten it.

For me, when this happens in our lives and we feel so many unexplained feeling, we just have to settle down and let it be. No matter how bad it is, continue your life and make a brighter future.

It's okay to be heartbroken for a few days. But don't let it haunting your life. How can we do that? Put our trust on God and everything will be alright. God knows better. God knows what you feel inside. God knows how much you suffer. God knows what He has planned to you. God knows everything. You just have to have the "believe" or "iman" in you. No matter how hard you have to swallow the truth or the pain, just put your trust on God.

Allah knows better. What occupation suitable with us? Where we will gonna study at? Who will be our spouse? Allah knows everything. Allah knows. He knows.

Trust. Or in the other words, Tawakkal.
This is one of the keywords to success fi dunya wal akhirah.
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