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 Assalamualaikum and greetings to all.

I think my request has been fulfilled, "cuti 3 hari berturut-turut." For this trimester, I have no classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So, this means I'm on vacation for 3 days. Ok. This is good. But I do not know what I need to do over this weekend because my friends are back since they are just living in KL. I just play my phone, go to twitter, check my instagram, watch youtube, anime, k-drama. God, I swear I'm bored. 

But, as in the case, when I get bored, I start thinking of doing unnecessary work instead of my school work.Hmmmm. So, today I take some photos around my room just in case I forgot how my room look like. Make sense? 

This is a view before entering my room. Of course the pink basket is mine. 

This is my room door. Actually, this room is for 3 people. But, there are only two people in this room which is me, and my roommate, Malina.

So, when you enter my room, you will see double study desk which the left one belong to my roommate and the right one, we've made it as our iron board. Oh, my room only have a small fan on the ceiling. Obviously, it's not enough and we feel very hot. That's why, most of the students that stay here bring their own fan and some students bring aircon. 

The top one is my roommate's space and the below one is mine. Ya, I think people think it is unfair because I got single-deck but others got double-deck. First come, first serve la. Luckily, we're just two so we feel comfortable with our own space and do not feel cramped. 

I'm not really good at organizing things but I will try to learn. So, under my bed, I put all my shoes, my food storage box, luggage, laundry things because the space under my bed quite spacious.

In my desk drawer, I just put my skincare, make-up things, the wayar wayar, notebooks because the drawer is pretty big and we can put everything there. 

Here is quite comfortable because its environment is clean and pleasant to the eyes. I'm not sure how much to pay for this hostel because we do not have to pay. I think 400 for deposit. 

This is the view that you'll see up here from the window in front of my bed. Obviously, I can stalk guys playing futsal over there. Emmmm.

So, that's all about this trimester room. I hope I can survive here.

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