Assalamualaikum and greetings to all.

This week is my second week here. I still struggle to live my life here. I know I will survive. Ya I will. Because I can survive at a much more difficult time.

This evening, Elleyah and I went to see the clubs here. Blergh my money is logging because I have to pay for the clubs I join about 5-10 bucks. I joined the 'gamers' club. When I returned to my room, I was very regret why I joined the club? Though I'm interested in playing games, but the club is so full of men and I want or do not want to, I have to hang out with them. The games including Dota, CS, Fifa, League of Legends, Overwatch and many more. Ok. Honestly, I think why I accept Elleyah's invitation to join the club? Ok, Since when I have the guts to say yes and do what I want? Is this an improvement in myself that I think will bring poor?

Then, I joined the anime club. I'm very excited because this club exists in this school. I also think I will give a high commitment in this club. But, I do not know what activities they will be doing. Well, let's wait and see. Maybe go to Japan?...

The last club I joined was club usrah. This club is definitely needed because here I do not know where to listen to talks, solat jemaah (yes even if there is a surau but I have no friends to go) so I need to find an alternative to my rohani.

Maybe that's it for today. Something happened to me in the hall today and I am very afraid of pak pak arab. Trauma ok. After this, I will not point to their club. I swear. Ergh.

Finally, I also joined IT society and entrepreneurial club. Very much right? I do not even know why I joined them all. I hope that I will not regret later...
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