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Greetings, I'm AinilHusna :)


Assalamualaikum and greetings. Fyi, I blogged everything and basically blogged about my lyfe of course for some memories. So, please respect my blogsss.

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Wishes that came true

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all.

It has been a while I didn't update my blog because of this messy life. Frankly I say, I miss when my fingers running on this keyboard to express whatever that have crossed my mind. I miss sharing my life story and read it whenever I feel I wanna go back to the old times.

I wanna share everything I've go through right now. However, it will take a long time just to finish this.

About 1 month left before I leave matric. There are so many unpredictable things that have happened when I was here. All the things that have made me stronger than before, made me accepting myself and appreciating my life. I've learned a lot here. Experience had taught me more than lecturers did. I guess.

Last two days, I've entered 'Young Programmer' competition. Honestly, this is what I've dreamed of since I know computer. Luckily, life in matric had gave me a chance to participate it. Masa first stage, we were given subjective paper & it was truly hard. I don't know what I've wrote on that paper. I just wrote whatever I remembered. Time given only 20 minutes. When I wanna pass the paper, I was like, "Ya Allah, ada lagi soalan kat belakang aku tak perasan langsung.. I'm gonna die...."

Masa tu, I really really feel I can't make it. We were asked to stay in Harvard Hall to get the result who are able to go to the next stage (which is the programming stage). I entered the hall & suddenly... "29656".. I was like... "tu no matrik aku ke tu" Can't believe until now, I terpilih untuk pergi final. Can't describe what I feel on that moment. The task given was hell. But, alhamdulillah I can make the coding even takdelah menjadi sangat. 1 jam setengah to finish the programming. Huhu I'm totally crazy because when I became so brave to volunteer myself in participating this kind of competition???? Jap nak bangga dengan diri sendiri.

Oh, another wishlist yang tercapai dekat matric ni ialah, I've did a presentation about Naruto!!! In front of my classmates. Oh my god... I was really really really excited you can't imagine what I've felt back then. I don't know where my 'keberanian, ketakmaluan' come from.

Also, I quite perform in this subject (bukan nak bangga lah) But, tu fakta. Haha.  Maybe, this is what we called.. "Allah gantikan kedukaan kita dengan sesuatu yang kita terfikir pun." Which is, I never expect I was able involving myself into this course. I just feel I want to, but I don't know how. Then Allah has showed me the way. MashaAllah.

Allah knows better. 

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