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I had meeting today at 3 o'clock. Unfortunately, I've missed it.
You don't have to guess why I missed it. People who know me will be like "yaaa you take a nap for 5 minutes but at the end it was 5 hours napping." Well, rest in peace Ainil.

I feel relieved right now because I think Allah has answered my prayers. It was hard for me to swallow the bitterness anyway but I believe in what He has planned for me.

The proposal he made and the decision I've made, I'm not regretting it at all. The fact is, when I was trying to figure out everything, one by one happened and I think all of them by my side. So, maybe this is the answer & move on.

Frankly, it was hard to forget something that had happened in your life except what your teachers had taught you in school. (it is easier to forget why???) It took time to remedy yourself and on that moment you will realize that you only have yourself. (aha)

No, I'm kidding. Thanks for those who with me whenever ups & downs.*hug*

This post is not an appreciation post or memorable post or whatever you called it. It's just my thought, my conclusion thought.

If you reading this, for the last time I wanna say thank you. I'll keep all the things that you gave me because they are useful anyway. Pardon me. You asked me to forgive you and honestly I already 'forgive & forget'. Wishing you have better life than now. You came to my life and taught me lessons & thanks for that. From now on, you're just a stranger for me. So, if you bump into me or my family, just glance and walk away.

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