everybody dies in their nightmares.


Assalamualaikum and greetings to all

Countdown result upu dup dap

May I redha dapat ke tak :(

Lately I've been thinking that, we should stop saying this,

"Kalau ada rezki, adalah."
"Kalau ada jodoh, adalah."

Instead, replace those words with

"Aku kena ada rezki, I will make it happen!"

For my beloved one,

If you want that dream to be come true, go & chase it. Work harder so it will happen.

Make it happen.

Don't even care what others might think & say about you. They do not know how our future would be like. So, just go on & never look back.

There are many people who always support you from left to the right, from bottom to the top. So, no worries.

Prove them that you are totally right with you choice & they are totally wrong with their close-minded. (Maybe there will be some people who will disagree with your choice. I bet so.)

I already gave you this inspiration word, but I like to say it again,

"If you believe in your dreams,
I will prove to you,
That you can achieve them just by working hard."

I will never go back on my words because that is my ninja way! -Naruto

Such a popular quote in Naruto & for me it is so inspired me.

One day, if you feel down or give up,
Know this,
I will always believe in you & know that Allah with you. With us.

Goodluck and may you reach your destiny.
Sincerely me.

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