everybody dies in their nightmares.


Assalamualaikum and greetings to all!

today i wanna share somthing that i think it is very important for me. it is about those who really inspires me in silence.

first, i have an acquaintance that i was very impressed. i know her since two years ago. my first expectation towards her was she was disoriented when doing something. yaa that two years ago.. but, when i stayed with her in hostel last year, i was able to know her better and her real behavior as well. we always study together and you know, what I noticed about her, she never ever gave up. never. she always improving herself everyday and always seeking my advice or others' advice but i admit that i was not able to do what she did. ((i already give up before i do hihi)) she never waste her time with us--which is always wasting time hewhew. she always reminded her friends to learn, to be strong and to be patient in everything we do because there's always a reward from Allah. although she is very hard in study, her results is always unsatisfactory. but, because she is so ambitious, she continued to study without boredom. she told me that she wanted to prove to her parents that she can do. you know, for me, if i were in her place, i think that i will start to get bored and desperate. imagine, we try very hard but at last, there is nothing. nothing. that kind of efforts futile... so, from that, i realized that whatever she did for the sake of Allah. no matter how down she felt when she got results, she never doubts in Allah. she never felt hesitant towards Allah. Masha-Allah. amazing.

she is a exco in hostel. so, because of that, we stayed separately. her room on the ground while me on the third floor. so, before SPM, we used to study every morning before subooh ((I always do not wake up yaa u know me well)) but she consistently wake up and wake me up. imagine, at 3 a.m or 4 a.m, she went to my dorm and knocked the door and drew near to me to wake me up. everyday okay everyday. she qiamulail everyday. how amazing i had a friend like her. there someday that i slept in her room and after she prayed, she woke me up to join her qiamulail and study. and u know what, i saw somthing that amazed me. there was tears in her eyes and i was like 'she cried at this time?'

she always asks for dua from her friends, teacher and of course parents. she always said to me,

"Ainil, doakan saya."

and also when we approached teacher to greet her / him, she always said,

"doakan saya cikgu. halalkan ilmu cikgu."

and last when she met her parents, she would cry.

she is incredible.

you know, i learned many things from her and may Allah bless her and grant her Jannah.

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