That feel

Malam ni aku nak update sebab esok calculus. Ye aku tau aku telah gunakan waktu yg patut aku study, aku g buat sales, layan customers, buat marketing.

Entah ah tapi aku cam dapat rasa aku takleh go dgn subjek ni.
Thanks korang buat aku deep. Faham korang taknak bg aku leka buat benda ni. Walaupun aku dah terleka.
Tapi aku buat sebab aku stress sebab calculus (cam biasa ah) hahaha tapi apa yg aku mampu katakan dekat korang...

Ada rezki jumpa la korang next sem 😌

Jangan tanya la kenapa laki. 3 orang ni je yg rajin tanya aku, tegur aku kat sini. 


Everyone has their own target, ambition, goal.  There may be some people who want to get married early, to get good grades in study, to be an artist, to be rich or to do their own hobby. But, the sad part is, people nowadays have to fight for their goals, not because they were not able or not talented, but because the obstruction from people around them. People who close to them.

I give you a situation if someone want to be a singer, or in other word to be an artist. So, he has to neglect his studies to pursue his ambition. But some of this fucking mouth said, he doing stupid things. He's stupid because he only study until SPM. NO pls. It is wrong! You may good at academic, but you are not good at singing. Your voice freaking bad than frog. He made money from those you called "stupid things".

Also there are some people who like to get married early, to spend her entire life being a housewife. People might say that, you're damn lazy girl who only think about marriage life. Fakof. Do you know how hard it is to be housewife? She can spend the rest of her life with her husband, her children. But you? How much time do you spend with them?

So, before we wanna say anything about what people doing especially the good one, think first. Are we good enough? Are we sure that whatever we're doing now is good? You may think that, "I just saying. Remind her. Remind him. Academic is more important." Fakof dude. If you measure people's intelligence using academic records, you are the stupid one. You are the most stupid and lame person in this world.

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So, for those who might struggle with your own goals and people backstabbing you, just ignore them and flip your hair. Remind yourself that it is your life and you have the mandate to decide what you want.